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A brief span of time has proven to be more than enough to become an established, admirable and consistent contributor to the music industry. A classic presence, unique vocal stylings & approachable humility are just a few of her attributes. After years of background singing with Donald Lawrence & Company, Ms. Anita Wilson emerged as a solo recording artist in 2011 with the soulful & heartfelt ballad “Speechless”. Ms. Anita has allowed her passion for God, music and creative freedom to mark out a unique and relevant lane. This space includes influence from the many artists and genres that she has appreciated from an early age. Both her Freshman Album “Worship Soul” (2013) and her Sophomore Album “Vintage Worship” (2015) were GRAMMY Nominated for Best Gospel Album and prove to be timeless bodies of work. Ms. Anita is currently preparing for the live recording of her next release. While she is a Gospel Music artist, her style, appeal and impact spread far beyond genre, race, age or gender.

No divas here! MAW’s light-hearted personality is magnetic. She possesses a charming, down-to-earth quality that connects with a diverse demographic, allowing others to feel comfortable and to want to get to know her even more. MAW enjoys social media engagement as well as meeting her supporters in person. Her live concerts afford her the opportunity to personally say hello and express her appreciation! From time to time, Ms. Anita is the ‘Hostess With The Most-est’ as her company Melody Green Music Group presents a unique experience called “The Sanctuary”. It’s a fresh take on a night out which highlights her love for the live music experience.

In music, in business and in life overall, MAW owns her womanhood! It’s been said that “This is a man’s world” however she thoroughly enjoys being a businesswoman who is aware of herself: strengths & weaknesses, A-Z. She finds joy in leading when that is her role yet realizes one cannot effectively lead unless they are willing to respectfully follow. She’s a visionary who is bold, intentional, integral and fearless. At times her spicy side may arise but be assured that MAW is a rare & relatable gem embodying professionalism, class, sophistication, compassion towards others and skillful creativity.

As her path continues to reveal itself, it’s not only about the music, but MAW is committed to using her positive energy to impact & inspire youth, unite with & empower women and to celebrate & support family. Ms. Anita believes in each person doing their part to help create a better world. She considers it a privilege to have a platform for spreading good vibes and intends to maximize it.

I’ve Seen Him Work // Ms. Anita Wilson - I've Seen Him Work
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